Because newer is not always better, there’s

I used to have piles and piles of CDs with old versions of software. Used to is the operative phrase there; most of those CDs have gone into the garbage over the years. Who ever thought I would need an old copy of Internet Explorer?

If you find yourself needing some old software, check out They offer 51 (at the time of writing) different programs, and in most cases different old versions of each one. Want to see AOL Instant Messenger 1.0? They’ve got it. How about America Online 1.0 – a scant 0.3MB? Yup. Adobe Acrobat 2.0? It’s in there. They provide old versions of the most popular instant messenger, file sharing, e-mail, multimedia, and Internet applications.

You may need an old version for compatibility, or testing, or to be nostalgic. Whatever the reason, is a worthy bookmark.

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