Is this spam or what?

I received an email today, which is paraphrased below.

Dear ProxyBuster,

I am … from MAC Pharma Network, one of the leading health and pharmaceutical information portals on the internet.

You will be glad to know that it has been more than six months since your website was included in our very famous online health directory. You may or may not have noticed that your website has already been benefitting immensely from this inclusion. A theme based link from a high quality portal means a boost in your website’s pagerank and hence increases its rankings in all major search engines. This brings in targeted visitor traffic.

All pages of our health directory have a google pagerank between three and five. Your link is listed under the category Child Health on the following page:

All that MAC Pharma Network asks in return for this is for you to place a link to MAC Pharma Network in any suitable place on your website. To place a link to MAC Pharma Network please use the following information:

Title: MAC Pharma Network
URL: …

That’s pretty funny, when you consider that ProxyBuster’s main goal is to allow people to circumvent Web filtering tools to get at content that may otherwise be blocked. Funnier when you consider a site such as “Online Guardians (Provides free help, information and training to the public and to law enforcement agencies worldwide” is on the same page.

Nice to know that a site which proposes to provide an “online health directory” and a section on “Child Health” has links to sites which can be used by people to hide their tracks. Not, of course, that I am proposing any such thing; ProxyBuster logs all activity, anyway (just in case the Feds need me to provide information to catch crooks that use the service)…

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