Congrats to Louis (BananaBits)

Louis, a long-time friend, co-worker, and collaborator, has won an ExpressionEngine design contest for his work on BananaBits. I’ve told Louis for a long time that he’s a great Web designer, even though he doesn’t consider himself a Web designer by trade (he, much like myself, is more a jack-of-all-trades). Maybe now he’ll start believing me…

Why do I like Louis’s work? One of the judges, Cameron Moll, said it best:

The art of restraint is much ignored these days. BananaBits serves up its pages without a lot of nonsense, while text sizing and color play a key role in making this site not only attractive but very legible, too. Simplicity executed nicely.

Designing Web sites is not about making them look like brochures, it’s about delivering content in a clean, usable, aesthetic manner. Louis has a knack for this, which is why I’ve tried to get him to design as many Web sites for me in the past as possible — and why I’ll continue to use him in the future (and pay him for it!).

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