IE in Firefox with the IE Tab extension

If you’re a Web developer or designer, you know the pains of testing Web sites with multiple browsers. My approach is typically to code against the standards, then check to make sure it looks good in Firefox, then check to make sure it looks good in Internet Explorer. It’s that third step which is a bear, because with every change you make to try to get something to work in IE, you need to check and make sure it didn’t break anything in Firefox. Needless to say, that’s a lot of time spent ALT-TABbing.

I stumbled across a Firefox extension that makes this job easier. IE Tab allows you to have a Firefox browser tab that uses the IE rendering engine — quite literally, Internet Explorer in Firefox. It works flawlessly, and makes one less window to manage on my desktop. Even better, it will ensure that certain WEb sites (like Windows Update) will always use the IE rendering engine — perfect for easy handling of those IE-only sites out there. A highly recommended extension to Firefox!

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