First community patch applied to WilsonORWrapper

Hot on the heals of yesterday’s update, I just received and applied the first community patch to WilsonORWrapper.

The patch, from Wayde Gilliam, adds the following:

  • Added MemberPrefix option to mappings generator, allowing member prefix (private field) customization
  • Added SetProperties method allowing dictionary-based changes
  • Added IncludeList option to mappings generator, allowing selective table inclusion (combines functionality with IgnoreList)

Hats off to Wayde for a well-written patch!

Release 43 (download source code) has the aforementioned changes, as well as an update to the readme file which gives kudos to Wayde and to Gunter Spranz, an early-adopter of this project whose insight and input was invaluable in the development of the product as we see it today.

Thanks to both — and don’t forget to go ahead and send in your own patch!

0 thoughts on “First community patch applied to WilsonORWrapper

  • Seriously, you need to take over WORM and integrate your Wrapper framework. Paul seems to be pretty much done updating/fixing it. Maybe you should talk to him take over the reigns and/or make it opensource… 😉

  • I may do that. Over the past few weeks I’ve been researching alternative O/R mappers (i.e. NHibernate), though I still find myself going back to WORM. Although others have more features, WORM does 90% of what I need very well and very easily.

  • I agree!

    The articles, news, forums on are DEAD which leads me to suspect as much for WORM. Even from my perusal of various blogs … it seems that Paul is giving indications that he sees LINQ to SQL as a viable alternative his ORM users would consider moving too.

    Anyways, why not do what Travis is saying??? Opensource the mapper and the wrapper framework … fix existing bugs in WORM and add some of the castleproject AR type functionality that might be helpful (e.g. validation attributes, etc…). Heck, we can even work up a Linq to WORM implementation.

    I’d be down with contributing!

    – wayde

  • It is clear that Paul is debating the future of WORM as related to the development of LINQ to SQL. I have reached out to him with our proposal — I think WORM can easily have a life in the future. There’s lots of features that can be added to it.

    In the end, if Paul pulls the plug on WORM and doesn’t release the source, I will either look into migrating my wrapper to another O/R mapper, or work on a migration path to something like ActiveRecord.

    I never planned it this way, but the wrapper is more like ActiveRecord with some Castle services (logging and caching). Just replace WORM with NHibernate, and you’d get pretty much the same thing.

  • Thanks for the compliment — not sure how my skills compare to Paul Wilson, as an O/R mapper is quite different than a framework, but thanks for the compliment! 🙂

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