Performance tweaks and bug fixes to WilsonORWrapper

A minor update today (with one breaking change) to WilsonORWrapper:

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Renamed RetrieveTotalRecordCount() to GetObjectCount().
  • Implemented SQL2005 paging support by passing dummy where clause when none specified (they are required with SQL2005 paging); this is a hack, not a fix; you should always specify a sort clause when using any paging operation!
  • Cached value of EntityBase.IsReadOnly on first load; allowed dummy set operator to permit ObjectDataSource usage.
  • Improved IdentityBase.GetHashCode performance with single column keys.
  • Refactored to ensure mapping file stream is disposed.

Thanks to Michael Mepham for help in identifying and resolving these issues. The latest source code is available in ZIP format; no compiled binaries yet.

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