How to change a Visual Studio 2005 class project to a web project

I tend to create new Visual Studio projects using the class library template, then make it into what I want. Sometimes, what I want is a web project. Through the project properties view, you can change a project between a class library, windows application, or console application with ease — but there’s no easy way to change to a web project.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to do it.

Open your VS2005 project file (ending in .csproj) in a text editor. Add a new line (shown below) to the first , usually one of the first few lines in the file.


Save the file and reopen your project. Viola! It’s a web project. But there is a bit more to do. Find each <OutputPath> line, and set remove the Debug or Release (or any other) folder, so it just reads as follows.


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