How to save multiple messages to disk in Thunderbird

I had a bunch of messages in Thunderbird which I wanted to give to a coworker. I didn’t want to forward 60 messages, so I figured I’d save them as .eml files.

Unfortunately, Thunderbird only lets you save to file one message at a time. Who wants to File/SaveAs/File/OK sixty times? Not me.

Fortunately there’s a great little extension called ImportExportTools. After installing it, I went to File / Save Selected Messages / EML Format and watched it do what I didn’t want to do, sixty times.

I won’t mention all the other export and import features. Just get it and install it if you use Thunderbird. You will use it at some point.

One thought on “How to save multiple messages to disk in Thunderbird

  • ImportExportTools is an excellent addon for Thunderbird.
    A great tool for performing various tasks.

    However, you cam select/highlight all emails in a folder using Ctrl+A, then right click and choose ‘Save as’, then select the location and folder, click on ‘select folder’ and all emails are saved. If you are on a network they can be saved to a shared folder.

    Or you could create a new folder, highlight all emails and copy to that folder. Access profile folders, copy the folder to eg: desktop
    then zip the folder, send email with the zipped folder.

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