Verizon: Pricing based on who you talk to

I recently ordered Verizion FIOS TV. Since I already have home phone and Internet service from Verizon, and wireless service from Verzion, I wanted to make sure I am getting a bundled rate. (They offer a bunch of “bundle prices”.) I went into an online chat with a Verizon customer representative. Here’s what happened.

You are now chatting with ‘Haden’

Haden: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. How can I help you bundle up and save with our High Speed Internet and FiOS packages?

you: I currently have Verizon for home phone, Internet, and wireless.

you: I signed up for FIOS TV and the installation is scheduled for Sept 12th

you: However I want to make sure I am getting the best bundled price.

Haden: I will be happy to help you with that.

Haden: Yes, you will get best bundle price for ordering online.

Haden: Do you have any other questions I could help you with?

you: You didn’t even answer my first question. I ordered FIOS TV over the phone, and I want to make sure the proper bundle prices are applied based on my services.

you: It doesn’t make sense for me to order again online because I already have an order.

Haden: You will need to order online in order to get online prices and promotions.

you: But I already have an order pending. Why would I order it again?

Haden: You can cancel your Previous order over phone and come online if you want to get our online prices and promotions.

you: So the price online is not the same price as over the phone?

Haden: Yes, these are online prices and promotions which are only available when you place your order online.

you: So I’d have to price compare by ordering online and ordering over the phone, then take the best price?

Haden: Yes, that’s right.

you: Wow, and I thought Verizon was one company. OK, then, thanks for your help.

Haden: We have different prices and promotions for ordering online and ordering over phone.

Haden: Do you have any other questions I could help you with?

you: No thanks.

Haden: Thank you for using Verizon live chat service. Have a great day ahead!!

Your chat session has been terminated by the Verizon chat representative.

I will never ever understand Verzion. They provide good services at fair prices, and their customer service is sometimes exceptional… but there are some things about them I will never understand.

Not one to give up, I dug further through the Verizon web site, and finally found a way to bundle my existing services. The results of bundling (online) for me are shown to the right.

Apparently,if I bundle, I will save -$22.98, and my bill will go up $20.01. Not sure how this math works out, but I’ll assume that whatever plan I have at this time is the better deal for me.

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