The reliability of Verizon

As if anyone who’s ever dealt with Verizon before didn’t know, their customer service and reliability are the pits.

Due to the recent grief with my current DSL line, I’m in the process of getting a new line through a new ISP, TransBeam. Verizon was scheduled to install the local loop on Monday June 7 between 8AM and 5PM. I took the day off and Verizon never showed up.

On the next day my contact at TransBeam told me that according to Verizon the local loop was installed. This is possible considering they just run the line to the outside of the house. This is unlikely as I would have noticed a Verizon truck in front of my house and my dog would have noticed someone in my yard. (She always has before.)

Later that same day (around 11AM now), I received a call from Verizon. The caller said, “You have an appointment scheduled today for a technician to install a line?” No, they were supposed to be here yesterday, and they never showed up. I was told they’d come by tomorrow.

The interesting part is that I’m not Verizon’s customer, and they are not supposed to call me. But they did, and the best I can presume is to cover their ass for not showing up the day before and lying to my service provider.

Don’t worry, when I get all the information I’ll file an FCC complaint. I’m sure it won’t be the last time…

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