A few rounds of Froogle

The big news in technology today is Google’s IPO. To celebrate, I went to Google’s shopping site, Froogle. One of the fun things about Froogle is that it displays on the home page “A few of the items recently found with Froogle.” I refreshed the home page a few times and looked for fun an interesting items. Here’s a few:

  • kung fu hamster: Yes, you can own your very own Kung Fu Dancing Hamster! Apparently there are many different versions of this fun toy/killing machine. It runs for $8 to $10. No information if this search was originally submitted to Froogle by my friends over at AngryHamster.
  • spork: The legendary school cafeteria utensil and weapon, the spork clearly still has fans. Incredibly, the Froogle search for spork found not the garden-variety plastic version, but a titanium weapon for attacking your potatoes and flinging your peas. Priced around $9.
  • moon shoes: Just the pictures of these things bring back memories of Kiss. How safe does this sound: Put your pre-teen children (or adults) on 5 1/2-inch platform shoes that are super-bouncy then hop around like a moron. Not recommended for those weighing over 180 pounds, which sadly eliminates a significantly population considering the American obesity trends.
  • sb-50dx: Apparently it only took about ten refreshes of the Froogle page before finding someone who searches like I do: by entering the exact manufacturer’s part number of the item to ensure you only get matches for exactly what you’re looking for. This is apparently nothing more than a camera light, but it sure sounds futuristic with a name like “sb-50dx.”
  • rat zapper: If you (like me) were expecting some tazer-like device that zaps rats, you’ll be disappointed (like me). Apparently, Rat Zapper is a brand name for plain old rat poison.
  • pot rack: Like many of you, my first thought was some type of odd 60’s throwback marijuana doohickey. No such like; it’s just a pot rack.

Happy shopping!

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