Baseball players are gamers, too

To those folks that follow professional baseball and multiplayer online games, it should not be a surprise that Boston pitcher Curt Schilling is an avid gamer. Sony even organized an event with him in their EverQuest II game (a game that Mr. Schilling is an avid player of).

In early September, Schilling and others formed Green Monster Games to create “industry changing games”. Good for him — it’s good to see online gaming and wargaming fans are not just avid sci-fi readers and nerdy IT types.

Schilling hasn’t sat back idly, either — he’s even reached out to the MMOG community, and I found that he has posted quite frequently on the web site of the Fires of Heaven guild (a World of Warcraft guild).

Side thought: Those Fires of Heaven guys are hard-core — they raid seven days a week, 6+ hours a day, and expect members to participate in 90% of the raids. I guess I won’t be sending in an application. 🙂

Perhaps Mr. Schilling would be interested in what I’ve done with my online baseball game, CSFBL? Sure, it’s not MMORPG in the MMORPG sense, but it’s got staying power, and has done quite well considering it was built with no budget in my spare time. Let’s not forget to mention the significant work currently underway in rewriting it (an effort that will launch as ComputerSims Baseball), or the vision to branch out into multiple sports using a core league-based sports engine that is already being developed…

What do you say, Curt? We share common interests — baseball, MMORPGs (I’m the guy who developed EQ2Craft, a hugely popular resource for crafters in EQ2) — and a common belief in the power of online games to mold commerce and the community… Of course, you’d have to forgive me in one respect: I’m a life-long Yankees fan. I did, however, root for Boston in the 1986 World Series…

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