Excel crashes, and flooding Microsoft with error reports

Excel 2007 crashed on me while I was scrolling vertically using the mouse wheel. Impressively, Excel was able to recover, apparently right back where I left off scrolling.excel_error_reporting

I continued trying to scroll (again with the mouse wheel), and once again, after about 100 or so rows scroll by, Excel crashes again. This time, I choose to send the error report.

Recovery again works like a charm (at least one thing is working right). I try scrolling with the scroll bar; no crash. I try page-down and arrow keys; no crash. I go to a different part of the document and scroll with the mouse wheel; crash after about 100 rows pass by.

“Send error report” clicked again.

This is getting fun, so I’m going to do it about 20 more times.

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  • I have noticed the same behaviour in Excel 2003. But only since about May 07. Possibly an MS Update glitch. This thread is the only info I have found on it. But I really havent been looking that hard. I always Send the Error message.

  • I have the same problem. I use a lot of large excel files, with multiple sheets that have 2000 lines each, so it’s getting pretty irritating.

  • Are you using the excel 2003 format? It crashed when i scrolled everytime on that format but not on the 2007 format.

  • I’ve been using Excel 2007 with XP for months with only occasional crashes, usually with huge (500,000+ lines) spreadsheets. Now I have Vista for business, 10 times the processor, 5 times the RAM, and now I can barely open a 500,000 spreadsheet without crashing!

  • I think i may have found a work around, whenever i scrolled on a
    sheet which only contained text and over 200 rows, Excel Crashed.

    When i got the error report i clicked on Debug (as i have VS2005)
    and it came back with an access voilation. I went into the Excel
    Options and played around. This is what i found…

    * Open Excel options
    * Select Advanced
    * Scroll down till you get to the option “Show Formulas in cells
    instead of their calculated Results”
    * If it is not checked place a check in the box.
    * You should now be able to scroll with out Excel crashing (so far anyway).

    Note: If you have formulas in your spreadsheet i’m not sure what you’ll see.

  • I see a similar bug with the scroll wheel in Excel 2007 / xlsx or xlsb file format:

    When scrolling vertically, some areas of cells within the spread sheet are shown blank.
    In cells at the top or bottom of the blank area, values are only shown half. The cells do have values.

    When I scroll horizontally over this area, moving it out and into the screen, the area is shown correkt again.

    This doesnot appear using the PageUp or PageDown keys!

  • this problem occure cause of the version of Excel document ,specially when you try to copy the file ,clear all cells and inter new data .
    so the best solution is to open the old file ,clear all the cells and import new data ,then do save as ( the first choice ) from options .

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