Supporting free software II: The saga continues

Last month, I posted about how I will start donating $5 per month to a free and/or open source project that I feel is worthy of my $5. (The first recipient was OpenOffice.) Over the past few days, the focus on .Net OSS projects has grown, partially thanks to Jeff Atwood. Ayende talks about putting OSS funds to good use on his projects (notably Castle/MonoRail/ActiveRecord), and a month ago Phil Haack talked about the growing .Net OSS attention.

Speaking of Phil Haack, he wrote today about his push for June 26th being “Contribute to Open Source Day“. To those professionals who use OSS projects regularly, I think $5 a month is hardly a lot of money.

(It’s not July yet, so I won’t announce who will get my next $5, but I assure you they will deserve it.)

Will you join the initiative to give $5 a month to a worthy open source project?

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