Falling back in sync with development

I’ve been falling a bit out of sync with what’s going on in the development world lately, so to catch up I went to the web site for one of my favorite frameworks: Castle Project. Scrolling down their home page to the News & Events section, I read this:

Hey, that Brian is me! Thanks, Hammett! That little effort has since been supplanted by the far-superior online Castle API, but it was nice to see my effort was appreciated. Castle truly is a fantastic project, and the guys who work on it are among the smartest developers I’ve come across. I can only hope to reach their level of ability. However, to get there I need to exercise my development muscle more — something I haven’t done lately, because my responsibilities at my full-time job have changed to mostly systems infrastructure work. However, that may be changing soon, as my employment situation may be changing soon… but more on that, soon…

One thought on “Falling back in sync with development

  • You my friend are all over. that’s great man, it’s nice to read that you are getting back into the swing of things. Get your head together and get going… thats an order!

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