Cancel (and renew) WebEx MeetMeNow to save $10 per month

I recently tried WebEx‘s MeetMeNow service (14-day trial). When the trial expired, I figured I’d cancel it — not because it wasn’t good (it was) or because it was too expensive (only $49/mo), but because I wasn’t sure if I’d need it in the next 30 days, and figured I could just renew the subscription right before the next time I’d need it.

I clicked the Cancel link, and was given a special 20% offer to change my mind. OK, I changed my mind again — deciding to keep the service at the $39/mo price.

The tip here? If you want to save $10/mo using MeetMeNow, sign up for the free trial, then cancel, then accept the service at $39/mo. Can’t argue with the marketing — it snookered me in. 🙂

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