Don’t overpay for wooden spoons

While idly browsing through’s web site today, I came across a “hot deal” for a wooden spoon.'s $22 wooden spoon (shipping included)

$16.40 for a wooden spoon? You’ve got to be kidding! Tack on shipping and it’s nearly $23. Do people really pay that much for a wooden spoon? Sure, it’s a Paderno wooden spoon (I guess that means something), but really now… Just do a Froogle search and find a perfectly good 18” wooden spoon made of beechwood for $2.59. Even better, buy a dozen of those beechwood spoons for $1.99 each (plus shipping, of course).

Consider your options:

  1. Spend $23 and have one wooden spoon for yourself.
  2. Spend $33 and have one wooden spoon for yourself and one wooden spoon for 11 friends.

Don’t insult grandma and buy an overpriced wooden spoon. She wouldn’t be happy.

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