John Dvorak apparently can’t use Google to find the right spelling for a tech product

postgrsql John C. Dvorak, the legendary PC Magazine columnist, recently wrote a column about open source software (from the angle of Sun/Oracle and open source licensing). In it, he called PostgreSQL a MySQL killer – and every time misspelled it as PostgrSQL.


Come on, John, it’s not like PostgrSQL accidentally came up in your spell check… or that you don’t have editors who know the proper spelling of common tech companies. Do you?

What’s next? Will Dvorak lament the failure of the next operating system to come out of MicroSoft?

One thought on “John Dvorak apparently can’t use Google to find the right spelling for a tech product

  • Very funny! I often see similair things from the know-nothing pundits of Mr. Dvorak’s very description.

    Not to mention, being charitable, he’s two plus years late to this particular party as anyone involved even casually should have foreseen the rise of PostgreSQL(sp?) 🙂 as soon as they heard of the SUN-borg-MySQL debacle in the offing (if you were paying closer attention back then, you would have of course connected the dots as soon as you heard the rumors, these kind always true, of MySQL seeking VC money, as, “…one thing leads to another”).

    Not coincidently IMHO, it was around this time that EnterpriseDB, the NJ based “commercial open source software” vendor of “super-sized” PostgreSQL began to get very serious about building an executive management team, and the requisite two layers below, that could deliver an “exit strategy.”

    -adam cassel
    adam dot cassel at geemaildotcom

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