Bad programming examples (part 1 of x)

There’s no end to the number of bad programming examples we’ve seen in the past or will see in the future. Recently, I saw this one. (This was actual code seen in an actual project.)

try { createDate = Request.Params["createDate"]; }
catch (Exception) { createDate = "-1"; }

Nice and ugly. Aside from a horrible way to implement a try/catch block, it screams of performance issues and unreadable code.

A more proper alternative follows.

createDate = Request.Params["createDate"] ?? "-1";

The same project also had this use of integer parsing.

try { myInt = Int32.Parse(textBox.Text); }
catch (Exception) { myInt = -1; }

In this case, you would use the TryParse method instead:

if (Int32.TryParse(textBox.Text, out myInt))
    myInt = -1;

Exception handling is for exceptions, not for null checking or validations.

2 comments to Bad programming examples (part 1 of x)

  • should it not be

    if(!Int32.TryParse(textBox.Text, out myInt)
    myInt = -1;

  • Lucas

    Someone should start a wiki of fundamental dos and don’ts, to help newcomers (and oldcomers) grasp some basic concepts.

    Btw, what’s going on in the first example? Can this throw an exception?

    If an exception is thrown when “createDate” is not found, then your solution won’t work well 😉 If null is returned, then createDate would never be assigned “-1″ anyway.

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