Web design: the chicken or the egg?

A client of mine is in the process of re-evaluating all the content for their web site. This, of course, is after we had produced a conceptual web site with all their content, including a home page based on the contents of their web site.

Due to the changes, we’re re-evaluating some design decisions in the base page template (headers, navigation, etc.). This is causing some design changes which clash a bit with the current home page.

The client asked if we should focus on the home page first, bringing up the famous chicken and egg analogy:

but it’s like a chicken or egg question — do we address this now or later? before or after content changes arrive?

Good question. The answer I gave is this:

Generally, I usually focus on the home page last because it’s the most unique and you can do a lot with it, unlike the other 99% of pages. I’d like to focus more on the general look and feel … and [later] revisit the home page.

Of course, I felt it necessary to address the chicken and egg question.

If the home page is the chicken, all the other pages are eggs. All the eggs come from the same chicken – but you don’t know if the chicken they come from is the home page chicken. So, let the eggs develop, then you can see if the home page chicken is their mother. If it isn’t, you find a new chicken. Or something like that.

Not sure if that’s clear to anyone, but it seemed interesting enough to share on a Friday morning.