Improving TableKit’s sort performance in IE7

I noticed that TableKit‘s sort performance using IE7 grew progressively worse as tables grew in size (rows, not columns). I found the source of the problem and put in a simple fix to it. With the below change, sorting in IE7 is nearly as fast as in Firefox — that is, nearly instantaneous.

At line 322 (TableKit 1.2.1), comment the line as shown, and add the line noted.

        var tb = table.tBodies[0];
        var tkr = TableKit.Rows;
        rows.each(function(r,i) {
            //tkr.addStripeClass(table,r,i); /* THIS LINE COMMENTED */
        TableKit.Rows.stripe(table); /* THIS LINE ADDED */

The change shouldn’t break anything as the new code added is standard TableKit code.

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