Looking for a good developer — are you the one?

For the past month I’ve tried to find a few people to work with me on some projects — between 10 and 25 hours a week, maybe more, for up to three months, maybe much longer. It’s very flexible work — you tell me how much time you can dedicate and I’ll work with you. I don’t care where you work or where you live, so long as you are willing to communicate with me effectively.

So far, two people have been absolute failures, one is still a work in progress, and one has worked out perfectly. Amazingly, the guy who worked out lives in Spain, and we never spoke a word to each other — all our dialogue is via IM and e-mail.

The right candidate should:

  • Be thoroughly familiar with ASP.Net, C#, and the .Net Framework
  • Know the right way to develop web sites (XHTML, CSS, etc.)
  • Understand what usability and accessibility mean, and be able to design user interfaces that are simple, effective, and user-friendly
  • Be able to take business requirements and make them into a useful product
  • Enjoy using or want to use technologies outside the Microsoft mainstream (MonoRail, O/R mappers, JS libraries, Subversion, etc.)
  • Have a passion for technology
  • Be available 10-25 hours (or more) a week
  • Enjoy a flexible work schedule and casual work environment

If you can fit part of that bill, please let me know. All work would be paid as contract labor (either to your company or to you as an individual; the latter would require you to receive a US 1099 income form at the end of the year), and there may be good room to grow.

Please email your desired compensation (hourly rate unless you prefer project rate) and resume/credentials to bdemarzo@gmail.com.

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