Is Verizon FiOS TV in your area? Don’t try checking online.

It seems I always have usability issues with Verizon‘s web sites. After checking to see if, after two weeks, they figured out why an old cell phone number of mine was still showing up on my online profile (they didn’t, it’s still there), I decided to see if FiOS TV was in my area.

They have a nifty Check Availability page where you enter your phone number (if an existing Verizon customer) or address to find out if you can get this service. Being a Verizon customer, I enter my phone number, click the “Can I get it” button, and wait…

While you wait, you do get a little graphic that is somewhat more useful than a spinning Ajax cursor.


So, is FiOS TV available to me? Well, I don’t know. The response you get says nothing about FiOS TV — instead, it tells you about your FiOS internet service.


But wait, that isn’t what I asked! I wanted to know about FiOS TV! I am well aware that I already have FiOS Internet Service.

Alas, there’s apparently no easy way to find out online. Sometimes, you just can’t find what you’re looking for.

Unrelated but related — why did they spell it FiOS? Why the lower case “i”? Was FIOS ruled out for some reason? Or is it an acronym where only the F, O, and S dictate new words (perhaps Fi is for “Fiber”)?

According to Wikipedia’s FiOS article, “Verizon has cited the fact that “fios” is an Irish word for “knowledge.” If that’s the case, couldn’t they just make it FIOS? After all, it’s so hard to type FiOS… Maybe a marketing guru told them that the lower case “i” makes it “cool, hip, and Web 2.0.”

In any case, look elsewhere for your FiOS TV availability.

0 thoughts on “Is Verizon FiOS TV in your area? Don’t try checking online.

  • I got the Fiber, and YES there is no FiOS TV in our area as of today. It’s a shame since I hate giving TW any of my money! I just have the phone and Internet service right now. BUT love the Verizon commercial about the TV service and cant wait to drop TW when it becomes available. Like the guy told me on the phone when I asked “Funny TW can offer you phone,internet, and TV, But verizon, can only offer phone and TV in your area as of today, is that strange or what.” Go figure…

  • It’s not strange. The NYC City Council has to give permission to any company that wants to provide TV service over a cable. In other words — they are holding out giving Verizon permission to do this in NYC until they get their desired kickbacks and back-pocket payouts. Another example of government getting in the way of free enterprise.

  • got me there..

    “Maybe a marketing guru told them that the lower case “i” makes it “cool, hip, and Web 2.0.”

    Sometimes a bit of humor is what readers need to lighten up a hard day’s work.

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