Want a better Menu adapter? Send me your menus!

As part of the rewrite of the ASP.Net Control Adapters (see the Google project at http://code.google.com/p/aspnetcontroladapters), I started working on a new Menu adapter. It’s got a long way to go — and you can help me get there!

The best way to engineer proper adapted menu markup is to visualize how the non-adapted Menu generates markup (and, in a sense, reverse-engineer it). With that, here’s what you can do to help.

Send me a copy of the markup and generated code for your non-adapted Menu controls!

In other words, here’s what I can use.

  • The exact markup of your Menu tag from your ASPX page.
  • Any codebehind that manipulates the properties of your Menu tag (i.e. changes to what you declared in your ASPX page).
  • Your sitemap file (if used), or any details that you can give about the site map used to generate your menu.
  • The HTML generated in the web page by all of the above — using default (non-CSS-adapted) markup.

The goal is to look at lots of different uses of menus to understand how the different pieces manipulate markup so I can make an adapter which does everything it needs to do without breaking anything in the process.

If you have stuff to contribute, post it as a ticket to the ASP.Net Control Adapters project (at http://code.google.com/p/aspnetcontroladapters/issues/entry?template=Review%20request).

Please do NOT send anything that contains confidential information. At the very least, I’d need your Menu tag markup and the generated HTML. The other stuff is icing on the cake.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps out! Remember, the more information you can provide, the better the results will be.

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