Verizon: Pricing based on who you talk to

I recently ordered Verizion FIOS TV. Since I already have home phone and Internet service from Verizon, and wireless service from Verzion, I wanted to make sure I am getting a bundled rate. (They offer a bunch of “bundle prices”.) I went into an online chat with a Verizon customer representative. Here’s what happened.

Is Verizon FiOS TV in your area? Don’t try checking online.

It seems I always have usability issues with Verizon‘s web sites. After checking to see if, after two weeks, they figured out why an old cell phone number of mine was still showing up on my online profile (they didn’t, it’s still there), I decided to see if FiOS TV was in my area. They […]

Anyone using Sprint mobile phone service?

I’ve used a Palm Treo 650 for about 2 1/2 years, and it’s served me well (especially when teamed up with ChatterEmail). That being said, my Verizon Wireless contract is up for renewal, which means I can get a severely discounted new phone… or I can switch to a new provider. I was going to […]